IceFest launches with a 'Zambroni's' win

With a return to competitive action drawing ever nearer as the UK heads towards 'freedom day', the Cyclones coaching team shook up the usual training routine and launched IceFest - the club's new in-house tournament.

Played over 2 hours on Saturday 3rd July, with 18 minute rolling clock games, teams with players of all abilities battled against each other to be the first winners of the new prize.

Not only did this provide the players with some long awaited game action, it also enabled the coaching team to cast an eye over new additions to the roster ahead of the new season. To the untrained eye, at times, it was like the team had never been away. With fast paced, highly skilled hockey on display, but most importantly smiles, laughter and fun!

In the end the Zambroni's, led by Dmitri Parker, took home the trophy with 3 strong performances.

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